Monday, 27 June 2011


Giant paper and board traders (GPBT) are a leading importers, exporter and supplier of all kind of offset printing and packaging papers in Kenya, East Africa. GPBT is well stocked with quality papers (both sheeted and reeled) from trusted supplier in Europe, Egypt, South Africa and chine. The following are our major line of paper:

Ø  Newsprint papers (42/45/48.8/52/55 gsm)
Ø  Bond papers (60 – 100 gsm)
Ø  Photocopy papers ( 75 – 90gsm)
Ø  Bank paper
Ø  Art paper (matt/gloss)
Ø  Duplex board/ whitelined chip board
Ø  Label paper 
Ø  Sticker papers/self adhesives
Ø  Manila paper and boards
Ø  Cover boards   and art boards
Ø  Folding box boards
Ø  Brown manila/ kraft paper
Ø  Embossed papers
Ø  Letter head papers
And others 

          We supplier our paper to: printing companies (printers), packaging firms, publishers,papers reseller (retailers),stationers,brokers,corporate organizations and individuals. 
            Over the years we have served clients from Uganda,Tanzania,Rwanda,Burundi,Kenya,Zambia and recently Sudan and Ethiopia, 

             We Value every Business with us !!

For inquiries / more information Call (0724680008) or email our sales team.